Post-Death Trust Administration

At Chamberlin Little P.C., we counsel successor Trustees during the administration of a loved one’s estate. If an estate plan has been perfectly executed, and a decedent’s revocable trust has been fully funded, the administration period after death typically does not involve probate, but that does not mean that a Trustee is not held to a high level of duty. Nor does it mean that the administrative process will be quick or easy. Depending on what types of assets are owned by the trust, there could be a very short period with no fiduciary income tax return required; or it could be a very long process, involving obtaining appraisals, investing liquid assets in a manner that doesn’t result in waste or loss to the beneficiaries, liquidating assets and being responsible for preparing fiduciary income tax returns.

Chamberlin Little P.C. has represented trustees in this capacity for several years. Additionally, attorney Rebecca C. Little truly enjoys helping trustees and their families navigate these administrative obstacles.