Residential Real Estate Counsel in Woodridge, IL

Chamberlin Little P.C. maintains a focus on real estate law as part of our concentration on estate planning and estate administration. Attorney Rebecca C. Little personally handles all residential real estate transactions for her clients, working with buyers and sellers during all stages of the process. Such personalized attention serves to identify and overcome potential problems before the transaction goes forward, resulting in a swift and efficient closing.

For our clients who are buying property, we also ensure that your new residence is titled properly based on your estate planning goals, whether that means taking title in your revocable trust, or drafting a TODI after closing. We have successfully worked with several area lenders to ensure taking title in trust is possible without affecting our client’s prospective mortgages.

For our estate clients, we have a network of knowledgeable realtors, appraisers, property managers, handy-men, and estate sale companies who lessen the burden of emptying and selling a loved one’s house.

At Chamberlin Little, P.C., giving you the answers you need and providing legal services you can trust are our top priorities. Call us with any questions or to arrange for a consultation: 630-541-3295.